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Renting A Property For The First Time? Here’s A Checklist

Your first experience of renting a home can be quite exciting and stressful at the same time. Since the whole process will be new to you, from packing and moving to handling rental documents, you may feel confused or lost at some point. Since renting a home is a long term plan and involves a...Read more

Checklist For Buying A Resale Apartment Or Independent House

Buying a resale property has always proven to be advantageous from choosing a strategic location to acquiring finer properties at better prices. Although a resale apartment may be old, it is a good investment option owing to the low availability or supply of new properties in the area. Therefore, if the owner chooses to redevelop...Read more

Fixed Interest Rate Vs Floating Interest Rate

Are you planning to buy a property through a home loan? How well informed are you about the home loan interest rates and their types? Home loan interest rates are divided in to 2 categories- Fixed interest rates and Floating interest rates. What are fixed interest rates? As the name suggests, fixed interest rates refer...Read more

How To Sell A Mortgaged Property In India

There can be various reasons why one may want to sell a property while still mortgaged under a home loan. While on one hand, a person may find it difficult to pay the EMIs, on the other a person may even want to upgrade to a better property. The latter will help make enough capital...Read more