Bescom to take up online way for fresh connections


BENGALURU: Applying for power connection? You might have to do it online only in future. Bescom is mulling over changing its mode of receiving application for fresh connections, change of names, application for temporary connection and making the process completely online.

For this, the consumer/property owner has to come in person to the respective Bescom sub-division office and give his/her thumb impression along with submitting required documents online. The new initiative wants to maintain consumer friendly environment in Bescom and avoid contractor, touts away from the system.

Bescom MD N Rajendra Cholan who is spearheading the changes to be brought in firmly believes that the new system can give fresh power connections within 24 hours and also lessens the time taken for change of name applications.

Public can air their views, opinions to the Bescom, said the officials.

Courtsey: Sunitha Rao R | TNN | April 19, 2017

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