Metrowater to source water to quench parched Chennai City

CHENNAI: Metrowater will bring 180 million litres of drinking water from alternate sources to maintain its current supply during summer. Following the failure of the north-east monsoon, Metrowater slashed its regular supply of drinking water from 830 million litres a day (MLD) to 550 MLD.

The Poondi, Chembarambakkam, Redhills and Cholavaram reservoirs hold only about a month’s supply of drinking water. The four reservoirs have a storage capacity of 12.5 thousand million cubic feet (TMC) but currently hold only 1.4 TMC. Last year, the storage level was 10 TMC. As the four reservoirs account for 30-40% of daily supply, Metrowater has arranged to bring water from Paravanur river, Neyveli basin and farm wells in Tiruvallur.

The current supply depends on the four reservoirs, two desalination plants, 118 farm wells in Tiruvallur and 10 bore wells in Neyveli. An additional 300 farm wells in Tamaraipakkam and Poondi (Tiruvallur district) will be hired on contract to draw 100 MLD. Electrical pumps will be installed on the Paravanur river bed to draw 50 MLD. For another 20 MLD, Metrowater will sink 35 bore wells in the Neyveli basin and bring water to the city through the Veeranam pipeline.

Around Rs 61 crore will be spent for drawing water from alternate sources. It will also add 100 water tankers to the existing fleet of 520. The number of daily trips made by these tankers will be increased from 4,200 to 6,500. It will take up repair and maintenance work of plastic water tanks and hand pumps installed in street corners. Metrowater will also procure India Mark II hand pumps as per needs submitted by area engineers in 15 zones.

Meanwhile, Krishna water released from Andhra Pradesh has begun flowing into the Poondi reservoir. On Wednesday, it was at 200 cusecs (5600 litres per second).

Courtsey: TNN | 26- January-2017

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