From water to khata, 60 services to be integrated

BENGALURU: With an aim to improve administration, the urban development department (UDD) is working on a smart system to integrate public services.

UDD secretary V Ponnuraj said they are looking at integrating 60 services provided by urban local bodies by linking them with a property identification (PID) number. “The system will benefit all ULBs in Karnataka, except Bengaluru,” he added.

A pilot project will soon be taken up in five or six cities and will be expanded to the entire state gradually. Services like water connections, underground drainage, birth/death certificate and khata transfers will be linked to the PID numbers of citizens.
“When the same set of documents are provided for both water and electricity connections, why does a citizen have to make rounds of two different agencies,” asked Ponnuraj, justifying the initiative.
The UDD secretary said they have undertaken a re-engineering process, wherein independent smart services provided by the department’s subsidiaries and agencies are being evaluated and replaced/linked with the new software.

How system works:
UDD will use the unique PID generated for each property in the state, which has been mapped by the geographic information system since since 2006. The documents submitted by owners of residential and commercial properties for generation of the PID number, which have been verified by UDD for building plans and khatas, will now be provided to agencies —municipalities, corporations, Escoms, Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board (KUWSDB) and urban development authorities (UDAs).

Courtsey: Sandeep Moudgal| TNN | April 4, 2017

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